We build intelligent ecosystems

We know that you see the opportunities and understand your challenges. The hard part is putting together a team, technology, and design to pull it all together and execute quickly. That’s where we come in.

AI implementation for enterprise

The most successful organizations are already using AI to overpower their competitors. Yet for many organizations roadblocks are everywhere: demand for talent, legacy issues, budget constraints, and siloed data. 

How we help

We connect the dots.

We identify limitations and opportunities to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Leverage the power of AI without the need to build an internal AI team.



Automate tasks so your workforce can add more human value.

Implement scalable solutions including NLP, RPA, and Computer Vision.



Our Process

We’re elite experts that are with you every step of the way.

AI Architecture  & Strategy

Understand what you’re building before building it. Define scope, align processes & map requirements.

Manual Validation Testing

Define data sources, pipeline, testing manually to ensure continuity across divisions, processes, & stakeholders.

Development & Implementation

As player/coach we work along side your team to implement solutions to meet strategic business objectives.

Take the next step

We are enablers of intelligent systems.

Strategy & Consulting

We’re uniquely focused on building intelligent ecosystems as a multi-disciplinary group experienced in deploying advanced technologies across large enterprise projects.

Workshops & Programs

Workshops and programs that enable a deeper insight of how AI can empower your business & help you establish an actionable path with clear expecations on ROI.


We develop AI/ML algorithms that respond to dynamic business changes, automate tasks, NLP, RPA, computer vision, machine learning, data science, blockchain Dapps, ecosystem integration

Case Study

Occipital Bridge VR/Mixed Reality

  • Bridge VR/Mixed Reality

  • https://bridge.occipital.com

    • Spatial Computing Market Discovery, Go-to-Market, Developer Community Strategy, Technology Roadmap, IXD, and Project Management

    • Venture Capital Presentation 

    • CES Booth PM

    • $13M Raised

  • Cara, Cara Cloud

  • Computer vision software for audience measurement of human faces and attributes including age, gender, and emotions on mobile devices using standard 2D webcams

  • Use cases included audience measurement, gaming, media research, advertising, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications

  • Measured 25 people up to 25’ away using a basic web camera

  • Developer tools include Android SDK, REST API, and DevKit

  • Ultra-fast and lightweight with 95+% accuracy

  • Cloud processing with live video recorded video and static images

  • Designed for real-world scenarios such as pose variation, facial hair, glasses, low light, and occlusion.

  • Company acquired 2015

IMRSV – Anonymous Video Analytics, Emotion Recognition

Case Study

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